About us

Antiproto is a small Finnish game development studio, which also produces websites and commercial banners. Antiproto is located in Lahti, Finland. We create games for PC and are looking into expanding to consoles.


The Company was founded in 2013 by Samuli Korhola. In the beginning we worked in partnership with a company called WYWIWYG. a Year later we started to forge our own projects and we have been doing them ever since. Our first commercial game called Damnation City of Death was first released to the public in 2014. It has taught us a lot about making commercial games. Our latest game is Prehistoric Hunt that was released to Steam Early Access in late 2020.

In 2016 Antiproto Studios OY was born. We expanded our production with the new company. Now we focus on producing & developing games.


CEO – Samuli Korhola Board member – Henri Korhola